Is having a baby at a birth center safe?

Birth center births have been proven safe for women who are healthy and don’t have any medical conditions that would put them or their baby at risk. Some women have health concerns or develop them during the course of their pregnancy that put them at higher risk for an out-of-hospital birth. (For instance, pre-eclampsia, placenta previa, or multiples). Midwives are trained to identify risk factors and consult and/or refer to other providers as needed. If you have questions about your individual health or safety issues, please call to set up a free consultation.

Where do I go if complications arise during the birth?

Hollywood Birth Center has a working relationship with obstetricians and local hospitals to provide our mothers and babies with a higher level of care when needed. All clients are transported via ambulance in an emergency.

How long will I stay at the birth center after my birth?

Everyone’s stay is based on their individual needs. Before leaving, mothers and babies must demonstrate that they will do well at home (i.e. eating, breastfeeding, and other normal body functions needed in order to recover well). A support system, prearranged during pregnancy, must be in place to receive the new family.