HBC Testimonies

"Dear Debbie

Your birth center has been a blessing in my life and has made childbirth & parenting a magical experience. From the moment my husband and I did the tour we were positive HBC was our answer! Your work and staff were extremely impactful in my life, especially Jamarah and Shell. Thank you for allowing me to have had memories of such a great milestone in my life. 

Love, Elena. M & Family  "

Ashley N.

"I went here for all of my prenatal visits. The office staff are all extremely friendly and helpful, the classes are informative and made me feel prepared for a birth center birth. HBC has more experience then any of the other south Florida centers that I found and for that reason we chose it. The best part of my experience with HBC is that even after I had to give birth in a hospital due to complications at the end of my pregnancy, my midwife Mimi still visited me in the hospital and made herself readily available with any and ALL questions and concerns I had, even outside of business hours(like no joke! This lady was such a blessing to me as a first time mother. I couldn't have made it without her and I could never thank her enough!!!) I felt a tremendous amount of support , despite having birthed at the hospital. I would recommend this place to anyone looking to have a natural birth. "

"Dear Mimi, Dellareece, Debbie, Ada and all of the midwives & staff of the Hollywood Birth Center:

Natanel & I thank all of you for your support, guidance, kindness, and great wisdom. You have helped make my pregnancy and birth joyful, calm, and full of love. We couldn't have asked for a better way to bring baby girl Levy into this world. may you continue to provide your guidance & support to many mothers to come. 

With much love, Miriam, Netanel, and Baby Levy. "

Gabriela O.

"Wonderful place and staff. Mimi is the best midwife ever! I’ve never met anyone so thoughtful and passionate about their job.
My family and I had an amazing birth experience at HBC. Mimi and Dawna took great care of us and made us feel at ease. I’ll definitely come back for my next baby. I’m very glad I found HBC and recommend to anyone looking for a stress free (interventions free) pre natal and birth."


Thank you for playing a vital role in the most amazing experience of our lives. Each prenatal visit, every conversation, every hug and smile helped make my pregnancy wonderful. Logans birth has empowered me and made me realize I am capable of more than I ever imagined. During labor I was never afraid, never doubted my ability and a huge part of that confidence came from the love and support I got from you and all the other woman at the Hollywood Birth Center. I am so grateful to know you and blessed to have you as my midwife.

Amanda, Kurtis, and Baby Logan 

" Dear Jamarah,

Word cannot express my deepest gratitude to you and your kind heart for making my birth experience a magical one!! Your care made such an impact in my life& for my bab and husband. You helped me make my birth story a proud and positive one. I knowwe had our talk after birth and I will forever have a deep connection to you and will never forget the blessing you are to me.

Love, Elena. M & Family"

Bar S.

"Best place to assist you in becoming a mother in all aspects of the word . I came to the birth center the second I got two lines on my pregnancy test. After a very unpleasant experience in the hospital with my first , Hollywood birth center was reassuring that this time around will be different . And it truly was . Each appointment was welcoming laid back and respectful . When there was a time to be professional I felt that was also met. They have a playroom in the back for when I had no babysitter for my toddler to be occupied by while I got my check ups . The birth itself was amazing ; we did a home birth and my midwife , Mimi , was an angel . She was so reassuring and even when I was in doubt pain and confusion she was only positive and loving . Post partum I got amazing care too; my midwife was always there to answer my calls and questions. Can’t praise this place enough !
If you’re looking for a pro woman , professional care this is the place"

Shoshana R.

"Hollywood birthing center is the most amazing place for pregnant women and to have your baby. Delarice was my midwife she is amazing!! all through my pregnancy she was there to support me and during the birth she was so calm and respected all of my request. the birthing center gives you VIP treatment. and treats every person as if you're there only patient!!! I can't imagine why anybody would want to give birth any other place."

Margie L.

I absolutely love the Hollywood Birth Center.  We went there for the births of our 2 daughters. They provide every course you need to prepare for a natural labor and delivery. I want to give a shout out to Betty, who is an amazing Lactation Consultant.  And, to Mimi, who is the BEST midwife!  I felt so calm and at ease with Mimi by my side, throughput my entire pregnancy.  I would definitely recommend this center to every future Mama who wants a natural labor & delivery with great support.

Aurelie D.

"Giving birth to my son with the help of my midwives was the best experience of my life. It was not easy but it was ALL worthy it. The BC of Hollywood is a place of comfort, of trust, of support, of empowerment and of love.
The team is well experienced and very professional. The all building is very cozy, clean and well equipped. I really felt at home during each appointment, each class and the day of the delivery.
 It is always a pleasure to go back and say hi. And I'll be able to tell my son who were his/my midwives by name. Each woman, baby and of course daddy receive a personal treatment. It is priceless.
Eternally grateful ! I can't wait for the next baby "

Marianela L.

"This is the best place ever! I had my first child at the center and for my second chose to birth at home. The Hollywood Birth Center is our home away from home. We had the same midwife both times and we also love Debbie (the owner) and everyone else there. We always felt welcome and everyone was friendly, helpful, and understanding. I would get pregnant again just so I can go to HBC again! We love you all!"

Yahaira P

"I had my second son at home, water home birth, and it was amazing experience especially after having my first son 11 months prior at the hospital. Ada and the front desk staff are so kind and helpful. And midwife Mimi was so engaging full of energy in all the appointments we had. She always had an answer to my
Concerns and took her time with me in every appointment and even was patient when I would take my baby to the appointments and would sometimes help me out with him. Her tips were always on point. She is very smart and knows what she is doing. As for the birth her and midwife assistant and doula Dawna made my birth so soothing and encouraged me so much in the moments I felt I was going to give up. My mom and husband who at first were so scared of me having a home birth enjoyed so much the experience and now are advocates of homebirths."